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Perry Neidhardt Finley

Here's what I'm usually up to, when I'm not a webmaster at IAC.

Many of you come through here to get to the Stock Market, and other financial services. Go!!! You can get graphs, histories, and so forth's almost as useful as having your tarot read...Before we begin, if you haven't read some Kafka today, then how can you hope to keep the psychiatrist away? Amusing passage there, no? And by the way, I'm a member of the international transgalactic Larry conspiracy, I've always been psyched about Dr. Who, and I also have a set of personal homepages of people who have a CLUE. OK, my notes on New Zealand alternative artists are compiled, and are accessible through: Here.... Also, a similar info-packed amalgamation on Japanese alternative artists may be found: Here.... Speaking of which, you'll find prominent mention of K.K. NULL, Japan's Hendrix, and I've found an interview with him. (BTW, if you're travelling around there, you might like to use this PERL currency converter). So, I've got an esoteric set of musical interests, as you might be able to tell by perusing those reviews, and finding more musical information can be done by looking at these links, and here's a list of record labels too. And lightning strikes yet again, with the Free Noise Manifesto. Oh, and by the way, it's not just free noise...aside from being an advocate of freedom generally (ie: If you're a Democrat or Republican, and not a Jeffersonian, then you're not supportive of freedom...get a clue please, and stop being so un-American...thank you.), I support privacy rights for all individuals, because, for example, it's great to dream up all sorts of hacks, thusly righteously and amusingly spoofing whatever organization takes itself a bit too seriously beyond it's originating intentions...(that's not to be confused with the other sort of know, where you read Phrack and you use anonymous remailers...and further yet, don't get that in turn confused with the Illuminati, which is especially possible if you've read the Principia Dischordia a bit too much...) so, if you like privacy, then you'll like PGP encryption, and you'll also want to play with cryptography and become one of the Cypherpunks. If you like PGP, you'll want to help out Phil Zimmerman. If you are interested in other freedom issues, such as keeping absurdist reactionary administrating, beaurocratizing, and malevolent policing of the electronic frontier from happening, then perhaps you'd like to help David LeMacchia pay his exorbitant legal fees (In this case, the courts decided that BBS operators are not to be criminalized and harassed just because people disobey their policies and upload some copyrighted software without their permission.). Perhaps you'll be persuaded, if you are truely an American, to join the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), read some material from the ACLU, or peruse the following censorship archive: "FileRoom."

Instead of crowding this page (Read on!! Read on!!) with annoying lists of lists, I'll divide up the coolest links of the web and the coolest lists of lists of the web into two places, and let you choose wether or not to get lost of ages exploring these primo quality links!!! Oh, and if you're looking for absolutely anything not having to do with this page, then you are invited to the greatest list of lists in existence. Read on!! Nice to meet you!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that this page is never even near completion, and therefore I am far more psyched yet to tell you all to take a flying leap back into cyberspace from whenst you came. But remember the CIA's credo and corresponding motto: "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." At their web site, you can find a ton of twisted material, along with some useful things such as the World Factbook (political, economic, and other information collected about every country in the world), the Factbook on Intelligence (with details about the workings of the world's intelligence organizations), and so forth. Not too long ago, my mom was schmoozing with Senator Moynehan (sp?) at a Grumman dinner and cocktail party (much nicer than the cocktail party thrown for the MIT deans after the "incident" at Bexley where the deans were received by a bunch of smiling students sharpening battle axes...) when the topic of cutting the CIA's "classified" budget came up...The fireworks were almost as impressive as molotov cocktails in the Bexley back alley...Anyhow, you may peruse any of the following organizations at whim by clicking on them in the usual manner...the Central Intelligence Agency, the MIT Microelectronics Technologies Laboratory, the MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics (in fact, to go right to their immense list of awesome physics and EE projects, click on the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory where I spend some time now and then working on random topics (usually some PERL, C, C++, Scheme, or LISP for friends)) (this web site includes a wonderful set of research projects), the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science (this also includes a wonderful set of research projects (on the main page)), and their direct affiliates: Switzerland (where my good friends Nick Papadakis and Brian Zuzga work). If that doesn't satisfy your craving for ivory towers and educational immersion, then check out the electronic teaching and learning for technology and information center. For something a bit more random, try the MIT Student Information Processing Board, where they sit around behind computers all day and night eating Twinkies and drinking Coke, which you can actually ftp from a machine at the AI Lab.

You'll probrably find that they go on and on like triply recursive (and I mean literally, not just figuratively (those CIA guys seem to have hired someone like Ogilvy of Ogilvy and Mather (Check out "Ogilvy on Advertizing" (Random House 1983) for THE definative insiders scoop on exactly what works and what doesn't in the world of corporation image and power building (What's more, this book is delightfully entertaining in it's perspective.)))) Clearly that was not perfectly designed-a-sentence as the depth of parentheses was not nearly deep enough...oh well...sigh.

Hey, y'all absolutely MUST check out the best alternative and experimental nightclub on the East Coast, the MIDDLE EAST CAFE.

Now, since the page isn't completed yet, I'll treat you all to three excerps from three of my favorite authors. Actually, a list of the best writers in the world (you don't have to agree with my assessments, just as you don't have to stay at this web site if you want to be contrary about it...) will eventually be supplied with references and appropriate excerps. Then YOU'll be beautifully tortured with not only Franz Kafka, Karen Finley, and a twist from Camille Paglia, but also some choice extractions from such legends as Jorge Luis Borges (Labrinths and Ficciones are essential reading for anyone who wishes the privaledge of having me reply to your email), Edmund Husserl (Ideas and various lectures on pure phenomenological analytical method, along with rigorous deconstructions of modes of identity and being, and time itself as a projected phenomenon), Martin Heidegger (Being and Time, being the founding description of Martin's version of Husserl's phenomenology, namely "existential phenomenology," where Heidegger focused more intently upon the architecture of human emotional and projectual existance (in contrast to psychiatric analyses) than did Husserl, who tried to stay with pure networks of intricate ideals), Michel Foucault (with his archeologies of knowledge and power derived from phenomenological analyses), and Gian-Carlo Rota, who aside form having effectively founded the field of Combinatorics (for which he won a Steele Prize) has been very influential in reinterpreting the works of Husserl and Heidegger in a manner in which attempts to preserve the pure wonder and shockingly sharp architectural intricacies of the mind). I might even then subject you to Derrida and perhaps even some magical realists (Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Saul Bello for instances).

Anyhow, before the three excerps (found on the Web without mention of who or where they came from and pasted accordingly: Later I hunted dow the info, and I'll provide it in a bibliography. In fact, I might compile lists of these author's better books (Better in my opinion: This is my page, not yours...), and I might even mention the publishers related to these particular quotes so as to be able to say: "Look, I'm helping sell your book, so put the copyright lawyer back on his leash: I cited my source, so...GO AWAY."), here's a bit of this (from one of my Top 2 magazines (Other = The Economist):

>> From Terrence Rafferty's review of "Interview with the Vampire" in a recent New Yorker:

In dramatic terms, this insider's perspective on the blood-sucking subculture is suicidal; the spectacle of deathly-white creatures scheming and posturing and struggling for power is appalling but stubbornly unexciting, like a Republican convention.

N'yu'ck N'yuck N'yuc'kk...And for a comment on the applications of PC:

>But when I want to use a well-known phrase that carries succinct meaning >to professional businesspeople, I feel no obligation to analyze it to see >if *someone* *somewhere* might *possibly* interpret it in an utterly >different way than I intended, or in fact *not* misinterpret it, but only >judge it to be in a *category* that they have invented to describe remarks >that are associated with a gender, race or other classification. To me, >this sort of p.c. is counter productive and I intend to ignore it.

So, Karen Finley==>Frank Kafka==>Camille...

>> This one is from Karen Finley's book *Shock Treatment* (City Lights Books, 1990), and is very close to my heart, having been personally attacked on a number of levels over the years just for having exercised my First Amendment rights in what I see as fairly reasonable manners. And come to think of it, were those manners "offensive," then that would be a true test, and the speech should have been thouroughly protected. Sadly, many unthinking dogmatically inclined neanderthallic "individuals" (not, as they follow the hoards of unthinkers fairly directly), tend to be the ones desperately trying to whittle away at the First Amendment. They are the far-right and the far-left (the restrictive fundamentalists and the fascist PC-"thinkers"). It would be a great civic and cultural service if these people were generally subjected to some conceptual shock treatment. (Concept Shock, TM)...and without further ado...Karen Finley:

>> It's Only Art I went into a museum but they had taken down all the art. Only the empty frames were left. Pieces of masking tape were up with the names of the paintings and the ...

*** Oh well, I'll finish it all later...


And now for something completely different:


I woke up, and I noted that I had been dreaming something right out of a dream...but then I realized that I was still asleep, dreaming that I had woken up thinking I had been dreaming something right out of a dream, but then, I don't know if I was I really dreaming all of this, or if some psi-powerful prankster was pulling this on me in my sleep, or was I really sleeping? I could have sworn at this point that by that time, time was a pretty tenuous concept, for which thread does one judge by??

Hello, my name is Perry Neidhardt Finley, and herein lies a few links to things that you may find of interest. Speaking of interests, mine are the theory and applications of mathematics, the theory of physics and computer science, psychoanalysis, deconstructionism, and phenomenology. Also, I like writing "expert" programs that do all sorts of things, like financial trade strategy analysis. My ulterior movites include eradicating anti-privacy, pro-religeous, and pro-censorship laws and all of their manifestations. Live and let live, yet be fascist towards people who can't mind their own business, and keep regulation out of the electronic frontier. Oh, by the way, you shouldn't be misled by such stances into believing that I'm a liberal or anything like that: I'm more of a libertarian. For example, I avidly do NOT support gun control: If you do, it's long past time to re-examine your beliefs. Also, AS OPPOSED TO A LOT OF PC NUMBSKULLS I KNOW, I will avidly fight for the intent of the First Amedment. In fact, I'd say I'm mostly a Federalist (read some Jefferson TODAY).

Ever wonder why suddenly the government likes to call the electronic frontier the "information superhighway?" Well, in that they are molding an image in their carefully chosen use of words, they recast the world of a free Clint Eastwood-esque frontier to a regulated highway, where, yes, they are justified in having cops enforce speed limits. From Apocalype Now: "Charging someone with murder in this place is like handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500." They'd have a lot more inherent resistance to regulating a "frontier" then they'd have to regulating a "superhighway," which begs the question: Is giving out speeding tickets intrinsically immoral and unamerican? Of course!!! Am I being intentionally random? Of course!!!

Personal Links

THIS SECTION IS UNDER REVISION. I used to TA courses in existential phenomenology, where I helped teach reductionist Randian objectivists (who, like insects in a swamp, swarm at MIT) some of the finer points of the writings of Heidegger and Husserl. Herein lie booklists, coursenotes, and other Neato Stuff about some of the more interesting facets of philosophy.

If you've been on the net a few years, you'll have noticed that there are hoards of people who love forwarding and reforwarding humor all over the net far and wide time and time again. Well, I've compiled what I thought was the better stuff, and left it in a humor archive so that perhaps people won't feel the continual need to fill my inboxes with repetitive reams of refuse. Feel free to send me piles of humor to include, and soon perhaps we will have a more-or-less comprehensive archive!!

I used to live in this sort of counter-culture space of high wierdness potential at MIT, and it was interesting to see a small-scale functional anarchy, so I've got a page or two of ramblings about the place: Bexley. Don't be fooled: such things will never work in a larger scale implementation: They imply maturity, which most people at MIT I've met have none of. Other MIT living areas of high wierdness include Senior House, 5E, 41W, and TEP, all of which eventually will have links.

These days, having finished 95% of an MIT undergraduate math degree, with a lot of background in economics and philosophy, I take computer science and math graduate classes at Harvard University, and I work at a place called Internet Access, which is a way cool entreprenurial sort of place. I used to have a lot of fun helping my friends out at Looking Glass Technologies, the MIT-(41W)-alum developers of the first real-time look-and-feel VR game, Ultima's Underworld, (play it or you're missing out!!!...and yes!!! they have lots more mega-cool stuff to come (including System Shock, which has arrived at long last!!!) and I hope to have more fun developing virtual environments in everything from sophisticated mudds to mathematical hypertexts. If you've found anything from my page interesting, please feel free to drop me some email and I'll be happy to discuss things with you!!

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