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List of Great Lists and Hot-Pages/Cool-Pages/Best-OF-Pages

Below: Cool Sites (Not complete yet: I'll fill in the HREF's when I get a chance: Sorry!! Goto the list of lists for now!!

University of Iowa homepages for courses and students etc... National Public Radio: Music Harmony List: (expansive...) EXPO: inner circle: the well: pi: 6095: perl: hypertext perl: query page: search page:
  • The WebLouvre
  • Wrecked Humor magazines: rjbarbal: 6095: sipb: about sipb: sipb webmasters: 6.821: DEC: file:// DIGISPHERE software: //lib/maclibrary.html DIGISPHERE bizness plan: //biz/Digisphere.html SEARCH: gopher:// Mitsushita: