Well, these days, having completed 95% of my Mathematics degree at MIT (I've studied some Physics and EE along the way at MIT, Economics at Harvard, and authored books in Philosophy in the meantime), I've been running an international consulting corporation called PNF Consulting. We do a variety of things including (but certainly not limited to) computer consulting (everything from designing and implementing new systems to setting companies up on the World Wide Web), managerial consulting (I've successfully restructured and streamlined large corporations), and marketing/advertizing consulting. Give me a call: Chances are I can make it well worth your while. (617-497-8988, cheshire@martigny.ai.mit.edu).

Some of my more recent clients have been: Northrop Grumman Corporation (Defense Contractors) Internet Access Cincinnati (Internet Providing Corporation) JCar Industries (General Contractors) 120 Brook Ave. Corporation (General Contractors) Olsen & Cruise (General Contractors) Baupost Group (Private Investment Corporation) Investment Resources Group (Real-Estate Interests) Village Software (Business Software Corporation) Looking Glass Technologies (Virtual Worlds Corporation) Perhaps someday I'll go finish my two Humanities classes at MIT.